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Bhupen Mistry Technical Adviser

With over 20 years of design and hands-on experience, Bhupen has delivered bespoke cutting-edge technology solutions across many large and complex enterprises. Industries of proficiency include Financial Services, Healthcare, Utilities, Public Sector (Federal) to FinTech and AdTech start-ups.

Using a strategic collaborative approach working across many different levels of stakeholders, Bhupen has a track record transitioning infrastructure to a secure multi-cloud architecture. Working closely with business objectives, the team at FortNet offer clients longevity and value, specialising in highly complex, security and networking environments, including multi-vendor private cloud and public cloud deployments.

Knowledge is key to empowering teams; hence, Bhupen delivers technical courses, instructor-led in-class and online training.

Meet the team

Simon Clark Founder

Simon has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. Introducing ethernet to the market in the eighties, switching in the nineties and solid-state firewalls in 2000.

Since then, as the Cyber landscape has rapidly evolved, Simon has been involved with protecting his customers from emerging attacks both inside and outside the network. Increasingly the focus has moved towards cloud and SaaS based tools to offer faster, better levels of security that can be managed more simply and cost effectively. Simon has worked for both blue chip and start-ups over the years including Cisco and Brocade. During that time Simon has developed a unique understanding of the cyber technologies that are ever evolving and where they fit within enterprise company’s security strategies.

Co-founding FortNet was a natural progression to doing what he loves and being able to offer independent advice to his customers. Bridging the gap between the customer’s core business and the confusing array of security solutions that need to be implemented.

“I believe most companies need help navigating the plethora of cyber vendors . Our aim is to take the legwork out and help our customers make better decisions.”

About us

Having worked for over 20 years for a variety of Cyber Security vendors, the FortNet team, created by a group of customer focussed individuals, noticed that working for one vendor didn’t always provide a match for a specific security issue or organisation. There is a growing need for affordable impartial advice to recommend the most appropriate product to meet the customers short, medium and long term requirement including their available budget. Our years of customer service experience enables us to provide customer led cyber security consultancy across all aspects of this complex area.

None of our customers are able to navigate the plethora of cyber security vendors, products and threats. There are over 5,000 cyber security vendors globally, which ones are right for you?

Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.

Mark Twain

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