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Staff Awareness Training

Improve Security from within

Engaging training programs that instill a security-focused culture wherein employees actively participate and make fundamental changes to the security process.

Why training is essential:

  • 92.4% of malware is delivered by email
  • 60% of security breaches are caused by inadvertent and unintentional human error.
  • Phishing attacks have shot up by 67% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated by the minute. With human errors inevitable and data breaches potentially being so damaging to your brand and bottomline, it pays to invest in your employees now. In addition, there has been a massive migration to remote working in the last 18 months and the need for stronger cybersecurity protocols for decentralised work environments is vital.

FortAware has a solution to launch on-demand security awareness training and simulated phishing emails to empower your employees to spot potential dangers and make the right decisions.

Simulated Phishing

Test simulations that mimic real-life phishing and business email compromise attacks can be launched as often as desired and automatically staggered to prevent employees from receiving the emails all at the same time.

Engaging Training

Your workers are more likely to grasp and adhere to training if it is engaging and informative. Short, animated explainer videos and quizzes provide an efficient and measurable learning environment.

Tailored Schedule

Keep employee skills up to date and make security awareness a routine by customizing your training schedule. Launch on-demand training or set it to launch regularly on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Analytics and Reports

Robust analytics track and measure the effectiveness of your campaign, reporting results for the whole workforce right down to individual team members needing additional training.

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